Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles with Sofia Black D'elia

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired and worn out even when you're not. Hiding dark circles can be very challenging. 
On my last film I was lucky enough to work with actress Sofia Black D'elia (in her early 20's). 
Sofia is one of the loveliest young women I have met and has a uniquely maternal instinct. Sofia's dark circles are hereditary so it's something she has dealt with her whole life and really wanted you to know how to hide them. She truly gets the credit for me creating this post for you. 

Over the years I've had lots of faces with dark under eye circles to play makeup "chef" with. I've tried many different products and created many different "recipes" with varying degrees of success. 
These are untouched photos of Sofia before and after her makeup in the makeup trailer. 
Sofia Black D'elia's dark circle under eye cover up recipe. Kim Greenes Makeup Tips from the Set

Sofia's under eye recipe: Urban Decay under eye Primer (yellow) + Judith August Orange Masking Cream (equal parts of each color) + Face Atelier #7 (tan) + Purely Cosmetics "Yellow Color Corrector" mixed with equal parts of Fusion of Color Cosmetics "Peach Frenzy matte blush".

The basic color correction for brown is salmon or orange. Keeping that in mind your recipe may need to be adjusted depending on your skin tone. For instance if you are a darker skin tone then Sofia use more of the darker color in the Judith August Orange Masking Cream and a darker foundation color and less of the yellow powder and more of the darker orange.
If you are lighter than Sofia do the opposite.

We did an impromptu photo shoot. (not in her costume or on the film set)
You can see from this photo what a warm and caring person she is!
Sofia Black D'elia. Photo and Makeup by Kim Greene. Hair by Melissa Yonkey