Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Favorite Beauty, F/X and Art Books! by Greene Street Beauty

Since this is a group who loves to read I thought it appropriate to share this new video from one of my You Tube Channels Greene Street Beauty. Melissa Street and I share a bit about our favorite books that we've collected over our years as makeup artists.
Enjoy!! xo, kim

Favorite Beauty, FX and Art Books! by Greene Street Beauty

Books featured:
Irene Corey "The Face Is A Canvas"
Judith August "Gotcha Covered"
Phyllis Posnick/Era Respini "Extreme Beauty In Vogue"
Vera Lehndorff/Susan Sontag "Veruschka - Transfigurations"
Arne Svenson "Prisoners"
Debreceni "Special Makeup Effects"
Richard Corson 4th Edition "Stage Makeup"
Way Bandy "Styling Your Face"
Ray Morris "Beautiful Eyes"
Francois Nars "Make Up Your Mind"
Joe Blasco/Vincent Kehoe "The Professional Makeup Artist"
Randy Dauglin "Hurt 'Em Reel Good"