Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great article about my newest adventure. Greene Street Beauty

I had to share this article by Cathi Singh from In My Professional Opinion about my newest business adventure with Melissa Street. She says lots of nice stuff about us. So of course I like her and her blog. lol Click below!
xo, Kim

In My Professional Opinion: EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it...by Cathi Singh

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Give Away Contest! $250+ of Beauty Products!

Give Away Contest! All ya gotta do is subscribe to my new Youtube channel GreeneStreetBeauty that I recently started with my friend and professional makeup artist Melissa Street to enter. I'll fill you guys in on what's coming up for our company Greene Street Beauty but I just wanted to let you know about this contest so you can enter before it's too late. It ends Jan 1, 2013 so enter by subscribing now! Watch the video and click on the subscribe button or go to GreeneStreetBeauty on Youtube. xo, Kim

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Deep Throat. Yes, Deep Throat.

Companies are getting all sexy with their names of products. It all kind of cracks me up and I felt like sharing a few with you.
I could be wrong but I think it all started with Nars. I can just see the board room filled with men in suits discussing how to increase sales. Fred in product development said "Let's call one of our blushes something sexy like "Orgasm." "Hmmm...."says Bob director of sales "Ya, what color would that be? " Sam the sandwich guy who happens to be in the room says "It should be peachy pink with shimmer". "Yes! They all say in unison.
They were right. It sold well.
Now they have "Super Orgasm" a peachy pink with GOLD glitter. I guess the gold is the super part.
There's also "Deep Throat". I'm not kidding. They called a blush "Deep Throat". What color do you make a blush called "Deep Throat"? It's peach with shimmer. I don't get it. Shouldn't it be red? Or at least pink? Shouldn't you get an extra something with it? Haven't they seen the movie?
Pervy names were a big hit so they added an "Orgasm" to their nail color line too.
"Orgasm", "Super Orgasm", "Deep Throat"


Moving on. Urban Decay. Those nutty characters at Urban Decay. I've actually always loved their names of colors over there. "ABC gum" (Already Been Chewed) and "Smog" are too of my favs.
How awesome are the "Naked" Palettes? You know they are so happy with the results of THAT genius marketing idea. Selling like hot cakes. So naughty.
Naked, Naked 2 by Urban Decay
Not to be outdone NYX has the 'butt "Naked" eyes' kit. It comes with lots of good eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters and even a bronzer. But why use the word "Butt"? Aren't I suppose to put this on my face?
NYX butt "naked" eyes
Listen, I'm not saying these products aren't good. In fact, I use them all. They actually gave me a good idea. I'm thinking instead of calling my The Kim Greene Line cosmetic bags "The Premier" and "The Essential" I should call them "The Debbie Does Dallas Premier Bag" and "The BJ Essential". What do you think?