Saturday, September 1, 2012

Does Stila's 'Stay All Day Foundation' Really Stay All Day?

My friend Lisa asked me to do her makeup for her wedding and I happily said "Yes!" So tomorrow she's coming over to do her makeup test for the big day. Stila just sent me their Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer line and I thought I'd try it because it seemed like a good choice for a wedding foundation. It's not like when I'm on set and I can fix up my actress' makeup all day. This has to stay put with or without me. So I've spent the day testing the foundation to see if it does what it claims.
They sent me all 16 colors in the line and I have to admit I was totally overwhelmed. 

Lisa is of Armenian descent and since I've never done her makeup before I'm not sure of her exact skin tone. I don't want to be fumbling about tomorrow picking out the right color for her so I thought I'd put a small amount of each shade on my arm and really look at them. It's tough to tell through the bottle and frankly a few of them looked almost identical to me. Once I had them on my arm I could clearly see the difference. I think they have a good range of tones some with yellow undertones and some with red undertones as you can see in the photos. 
Colors 1 - 10 (1 starting at my wrist)
Colors 11 - 16 (11 starting at my wrist)
The next thing I wanted to test was it's staying power. What if she starts sweating or crying and I'm not there to fix her makeup? So I sprayed water over the makeup on my arm and then wiped the water off with my palm. 
I sprayed water on the makeup.

Then wiped the water off with my palm.
Wow! It did not budge guys! Call me impressed. I ended up using the #4 on my own face and have been wearing it for about 8 hours so far to test it out. It's a fuller coverage foundation but I can still see my freckles a bit, it's matte but not dry looking.  It really hasn't moved. My ruddiness isn't peaking through at all. I can personally say it lasted an 8 hour day on me and still holding strong. 
But wait, there's one more thing I like about this product. 
Matching concealer in the lid.
It has concealer built right into the top of the bottle. It's a matching color great for under the eyes or for spot covering. 
I think it's a good choice on hot days or under bright lights and when I need good coverage that stays put. 

Gotta go. I'm off to test lip colors that won't come off when Lisa kisses her groom!