Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Softest face towel EVER!

Ok guys. I want to turn you onto the softest face towels I have ever used. Bold statement, I know. This face towel is SOFT. Not soft like a towel can be soft but soft like a baby chick or a persian cat's tummy or cashmere. It gets even better...
They are primarily made from bamboo with a bit of recycled polyester fiber and cotton fleece.
The softness is on both sides! Yummmmmm!
They are super absorbent and dye free.
They are definitely coming with me for my actors on my next film. I'm keeping one for me though!

Don't clean your glasses. I made the picture of me blurry to "show" you how the EcoChick facial cloth feels!
Not only are the facial clothes amazing so is the company. Sheri Braun, the owner has joined in alliance with 1% For The Planet and pledges at least 1% of net sales to preservation and restoration of the natural environment and are a member of the Organic Trade Association.

I haven't given you the name yet, have I? It's ecoChick.
The web site though is www.ecochickscarves.com.
A bit confusing because I'm talking about facial clothes but ecoChick creates wonderfully soft and luxurious scarves as well. Actually, that is their main product line and I have a scarf too that I love!
ecoChick Scarves
Back to their face towels though. I kinda need you all to get one just because I need you to feel how soft and amazing they.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to look like a Skank.

As a makeup artist I am always people watching. Gathering ideas for future films or tv shows. I was in Vegas last weekend and found a plethora of reference material. I did find one that stood out above the rest. I call it "Skankalicious". It is the "uniform" of the club girl. No matter how thin or fat or tall or short this is the look. Period. So, I decided to teach you how to look like a skank.
1. Buy a piece of stretchy fabric. Preferably a latex and polyester blend. A half yard will do. Sew it up one side and make a tube.
2. Try it on. Don't worry about your body size or shape. You know it fits when half your boobs pop out at the top and the bottom lands right at the crease under your butt.

This is actually a bit long. 

3. Buy a pair of platform shoes that are at least 3 inches in the front and 6 inches high in the back. If you can walk without looking like Frankenstein, they are too short.

4. Be sure and wear enough makeup that you look absolutely nothing like yourself. In fact if your friends recognize you, go back home and add more.
5. Add extremely long extensions to your hair. Make sure they DO NOT match your hair color at all.

6. That's it! You are Skankalicious!
"Skankalicious" 2012

Actual photo I took at the club that inspired this post. Showing underwear is optional to achieve this look.