Monday, February 20, 2012

New Artist's tools. Paw Palette, Brush City and more.

I have this image of my dad outside in the back yard by our pond with his easel set up, paint brush in hand, his artist's palette full of vibrant colors intently painting the scene in front of him. As you got closer the bitter sweet smell of pipe tobacco would permeate your senses. I loved watching him draw or paint. 
My dad, Dick Greene's, self portrait made at age 17
Many of the tools of my trade as a makeup artist remind me of him and those days as a kid growing up. Today I use brushes, cases, colors, spatulas and palettes just like he did but my canvas is a person's face or body instead of paper. 
Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you how important their tools are. We get nostalgic about our favorite brushes or cases and excited when we find a new tool we've never used before. 
I've come across a couple new one's I want to share with you. I'll put the links for the following products at the bottom of the post.
Traditionally, palettes sit on your counter or station. They are made of metal or sheets of paper, acrylic or even porcelain. 
artist palette options
Crystal Powder, a makeup artist, came up with a great idea. It's called the Paw Palette. It attaches to your "paw" or hand if your human, with an adjustable strap. Crystal says you can attach it to your ankle too but I'm not that limber! Anyway, they come in different shapes and colors. I've used mine a number of times now and I absolutely love it. It's right there on the back of your hand. Saves time and it's sanitary. Mine is white in the shape of a heart but I really want some of the other colors and shapes. I'm thinking one for my f/x kit, one for my beauty kit, one for my bathroom... 
Paw Palette by Crystal Powder
This next one is called "Brush City" and is designed and personally welded by Kay Wooldridge.
I have one set up on my station and one at home for my personal brushes. Kay is a wonderful artist and you should check out her work. Her pieces are beautiful and functional. Her "Brush Cities" come in many sizes and price ranges. Each one is unique. 
"Brush City" by Kay Wooldridge

Another great tool I just came across is The Eye Makeup Fallout Protector. I am always looking for a good solution to "makeup fallout". There's nothing more annoying than doing a beautiful clean foundation just to have it ruined by particles of eyeshadow falling all over it. There are other techniques that I use but I'm liking this one a lot. It's a reusable silicone shield with a stainless steel handle. It comes with a larger shield too that fits on the same handle. 
The Eye Makeup Fallout Protector
 As I find more useful and interesting tools I'll keep you posted. For now, give these a try. Maybe your kid or a blossoming young artist will be watching you and become inspired. 
  • Paw Palette:
  • Brush city:
Eye Makeup Fallout Protector:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey buddy! What you lookin' at?!

Hey guys. I started a YouTube Channel. It's a lot like my blog in that it's about what I know best. Makeup. So it you like makeup, you'll like my channel. Pretty simple.
After so many years of putting makeup on actors and then just stepping to the side it's a blast to come up with the content, light the set, run the camera, be the on camera talent and edit the final video. Oh god, I sound like Barbara Streisand! Soon I'm going to need my own trailer and an entourage. lol
I'm just playing around but I really love trying new things and learning so I'm loving it.
My husband Logan is a real film editor and he loves to make fun of me working away on iMovie editing my videos. You should see his face as I do my voice overs. Classic. Whatever. Let him laugh. I have 118,000 subscribers. No, I don't. I have 118. But who's counting. Enjoy my newest video. I have 90 total. No, I don't. I have 9. Tough crowd.
p.s. Come visit my KimGreeneMakeup Channel and "subscribe" so I can wipe that condescending grin off my husband's face.