Friday, April 6, 2012

Match This Makeup: Malin Akerman in Wanderlust

I had one of the all time best experiences making the film Wanderlust. Amazing locations in the mountains of Georgia. Our director and producers treated us all like family and the cast and crew all hung out together at work and on the weekends. Like the actual film we were a community of people all working together to create something together.
I may do more 'Match This Makeups' from this film but today I'm going to write about the makeup I did on Malin Akerman. Not only is she beautiful, she is really cool and a lot of fun to hang out with.
Malin did have a light base tan on her body before we started shooting but as the months passed and the weather turned colder she went to a tanning booth to keep an overall darker skin tone. That said it's the makeup artists job to make sure skin tones stay "even" throughout a film. And I also had to match her face to her body because she kept her face out of the sun.
I'll get back to body makeup in a minute.
Let's start with her face, shall we? I wanted Malin's character to look beautiful and effortless. Tan, golden and sexy.
Foundation: Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer. I used a mix of Linen (med beige) and Desert (tan).
Blush: NARS cream blush "Lokoum" (coral rose shade)
After powdering with a no color powder I lightly applied Tarte's matte bronzer "Park Avenue Princess" to deepen and even out her tan on her face and neck. 

Eyes: I started with Laura Mercier "Buttercream" lightly from her lash line to her brow. 
Then added Laura Mercier "Truffle" in the contour. 
Finally I applied Dior "Gold Touch" (golden bronze shimmer) just on her lid. 

For a soft eyeliner effect I used Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes in "Pearly Brown 2L" (golden brown sheen)

and I used Smashbox Full Exposure mascara in black. 
On her lips I used a small amount of Kiehl's lip balm 30G just to warm up her lips a bit. 
Back to her body makeup. If Malin's tan started to fade I sprayed her legs, arms and chest with Roxanne Rizzo Bronze Glow. It's all natural and fades in time like a sun tan. I also added a bit of Gleam in Rose Gold to her shoulders and chest. 
If you haven't seen the film, you should! It's really funny and you'll understand why I had such a great time. 
Enjoy! xo, Kim


  1. I love these kinds of posts! More of these please! =)

  2. I love these write-ups but was curious--why do you use consumer makeup? Do celebs prefer it?

    1. I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by "consumer makeup". I'm not familiar with the phrase. Do you mean from department stores and Sephora type stores vs. drug stores? Please elaborate so I can answer correctly. Thanks.

  3. Yes, I meant the makeup that is usually purchased by consumers from department stores and Sephora. Thanks. I mean no offense.

    1. I didn't take offense at all. There was a time when pro artists only used makeup from pro lines like RCMA and Ben Nye but that was a long time ago. The medium has changed. High def is in and film is going away. Makeup styles have changed too. Heavy base is over and natural looking skin is the norm. Consumer makeup has also come a long way. There are so many options that work well for tv and features now. It is so much fun to try different lines and products. My kit is full of the classic pro lines (who have also adapted by the way) and with everything from Revlon to Smashbox to Le Mer. And to answer your question: In my experience Celebrities do like to see some higher end products on your station mixed in with the classics.

  4. I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

    1. Maybe it's from watching The Newsroom but at first I thought you were being sarcastic. I read it again and thought "No, he/she likes the post and is being ernest. Then I read it yet again and thought "Maybe it IS boring and I should have livened it up a bit with stories like the night we all drank moonshine and sang Karaoke. But then again I thought it was an honest simple post about Malin's makeup sprinkled with tips and good info. Then I thought about how cool it would be to have an icon or a special font for "sarcasm. Then I thought "I'm hungry. I'm gonna go have breakfast."

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  6. Dear Kim, when you touch up with a spray like that, how do you do it without staining the clothes and make sure it blends beautifully?