Friday, April 20, 2012

Did she really put Diamonds in her face powder?!

So I heard from my friend Melissa Street that her friend Robyn had a line of mineral makeup that was amazing. I was interested but not crazy interested because there are so many lines of mineral makeups now and I like a lot of them. Then she starting talking about diamonds. My ears perked up, I salivated a little, looked her straight in the eye and said, "Tell me more lady."
The line is called Purely Cosmetics and the owner Robyn (I ended meeting her at IMATS LA) is really great and I'm so impressed with her knowledge of product ingredients and love that her line caters to more mature skin. (30+).
While I was talking to her I have to admit I just wanted to know about this diamond powder. What? Why? What does it do? It is expensive? But mostly, I just wanted it. I'm a girl, what can I tell ya.
So, here's the deal. Diamond Perfect Finish has nearly a full carat of diamonds in each jar! I kind of wanted it to be "sparkly" but it's not. It's actually better. There's no glitter or even glimmer. But as you can imagine it gives your skin a a radiance and under glow. It blurs out imperfections. Really pretty. And I feel really fabulous wearing it. It's reasonably priced too. Not sure how she does that but I'm happy about it. Check out her web site for other products and pricing.
xo, Kim


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I will get one for my mom to try.

  2. Well now I hope they are at the Makeup Show in Orlando!