Thursday, October 27, 2011

A new hair styling tool by a top movie hair stylist!

Since I work in the movie business, I get to work with some amazing hair dressers in the same trailer. If time allows, I sometimes get my hair cut or colored or styled by some of these wonderful artists. One of the hair dressers I'm talking about is Linda Flowers. Linda came up with a pretty fantastic idea a few years back and told me about it. We all have great ideas but not everyone follows through. She did. And good things came from it. 
Linda invented the Top Styler. It's a revolutionary (and I don't use that word loosely) new hair tool. What it comes down to is that you curl your hair with these heated "C" shells. You simply wrap your hair around your fingers, clamp the "C" shell around the hair, and when you take them out you have great curls that last a really really long time.
Linda Flowers and Scarlett Johansson
The Top Styler heating unit with "C" shells and accessories
I pretty much use them myself everyday. It takes a bit of practice at first (you pro hair stylists will laugh at that because it will seem so easy) but I had to play a little to get used to it. Even if you don't put them in just right it doesn't matter. Your hair will still be curly and look good. I'm really fast at it now and I get them in my hair in about 3 minutes. 
example of long waves
example of sexy messy curls

What else can I say, you should try the Top Styler. It's new and fun and different. 
You can buy them at or on QVC

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick tip: My favorite tweezer.

As a woman, doesn't it seem like we are constantly pulling out our hair? Not just figuratively speaking!
I mean it. It's practically never ending. Since it is such a big part of my beauty routine a really good tweezer is imperative to me. Not to mention for my clients. I discovered Anastasia's tweezers a few years back and I love them. They just really grabs those little hairs. They're made in Italy and were custom designed by Anastasia. If you don't know her products, you should. She's an expert at everything eyebrow. Her product line is expanding too. I noticed she has lip colors and foundations but I haven't tried them yet. Oh, I just noticed another hair growing out of my face, so I better go tweeze...again. Bye for now.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hickey's suck. How to hide that love bite.

Ok, so you had a bit too much fun and got yourself a hickey or two. You have to go to school or work. Now what?! I've actually had to cover quite a few hickeys on actors over the years and I have a few good tips for you. 
Example of a hickey
Hickies can last up to 2 weeks. They follow the same cycle as a regular bruise. They start out red but can quickly (as soon as 5 hours, but can be longer depending on the individual) turn a purple/blue color. Eventually (a few days to a week) they will turn a mixture of yellow and yellow/green and then disappear completely. 
So what does that all mean to you. You need to have a few different products to cover the hickey as it changes color. 
Certain colors will nuetralize other colors. 
So, when your hickey is red cover it with green. When it's blue/purple cover it with yellow or yellow/orange. As it turns yellow and yellow/green cover it with lavender.
Here are a few product options to try. You can buy a kit or individual colors. It's up to you.
Neutrilizer colors by Makeup Forever, Ben Nye, Physicians Formula and Joe Blasco

After applying the corrective concealer, apply a foundation color that matches your neck on top of it. Note that your neck color is usually lighter than your face.
You don't want to have a circle of makeup that will give you away so make sure to blend your edges by feathering out the makeup. Finally, apply a no color powder to set the makeup.
You can also use the same nuetralizer products and colors to cover things like bruises, pimples and under eye discoloration. Just follow the same rules for color correction I told you about above.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Match this Makeup: Rose Byrne in Get Him to the Greek

In "Get Him to the Greek" Rose Byrne's character Jackie Q is a pop star and is seen in a number of music videos in the film. The makeup designs for Rose's character were unique in that many of them were her character Jackie Q made up for her music videos.
Rose Byrne in a scene from "Get Him to the Greek"

First, as always, I wanted to come from the character Jackie Q's point of view when designing Roses' makeups for the music videos. I also wanted the designs to be funny and add to the comedy of the film.

In African Child, Jackie Q believes in her heart that she is a humanitarian and doesn't get that the video is outragious and controversial. I decided that Jackie Q wanted to look like an African princess. I made her dark tan with bronze eyeshadow, cheek color and lips and insanely large feather lashes. Melissa Yonkey, the Department Head Hairdresser, made a wonderful wig complete with beads and braids. 
On that note, in all of the looks I'm talking about today Melissa did the hair. I've been so lucky in my career to work with some amazing hair stylists. There is nothing better than a good collaboration between makeup and hair.
The music video "Aftican Child"
This next look is from the music video "I am Jesus". I gave her a soft innocent looking makeup to contrast the sexual and purposely blasphemous content of the video. We were all laughing to the point of our stomachs hurting while shooting that day. It's really funny because it's so wrong. 
The music video "I am Jesus"

When I saw the set design, characters and costumes for "Supertight" I kept thinking it looked like Vaudville meets the Titanic. I decided to put Rose in an exaggerated 1920's makeup. When I finished it just didn't seem weird or interesting enough. I dug through my "Glitter Kit" (a big box of all sorts of fun stuff I've gathered over the years) and found these Indian bindi body gems and cut them up to make bottom lashes. Melissa rocked another amazing wig and we had our character!

The music video "Supertight"
The video "Ring Round my Rosie" is so naughty which makes it rediculously funny. Leesa Evans, the costume designer, put Rose and the girls into these sexy little corseted outfits. When we saw the photos of what they were going to wear Melissa had a fantastic idea to put them all in different colored Elizabethan wigs that she and her team styled. Genius! 
I jumped on board and gave Rose makeup from the Elizabethan period but with a modern twist including a Swarovski crystal beauty mark. I asked my makeup team to put blue, purple and green blush and eyeshadow on the dancers to match their wigs. I wanted them to look like strange colorful flowers surrounding Jackie Q. 
The music video "Ring Round my Rosie"

Rose is a true professional and a wonderful person. She gave us free reign to be creative and respected us artistically. I really believe that her trust allowed our creativity to flow and some great things came out of it. 
You can see the videos on You Tube and Funny or Die. Just so you know, they have adult concepts and language in them.