Sunday, October 2, 2011

Match this Makeup: Rose Byrne in Get Him to the Greek

In "Get Him to the Greek" Rose Byrne's character Jackie Q is a pop star and is seen in a number of music videos in the film. The makeup designs for Rose's character were unique in that many of them were her character Jackie Q made up for her music videos.
Rose Byrne in a scene from "Get Him to the Greek"

First, as always, I wanted to come from the character Jackie Q's point of view when designing Roses' makeups for the music videos. I also wanted the designs to be funny and add to the comedy of the film.

In African Child, Jackie Q believes in her heart that she is a humanitarian and doesn't get that the video is outragious and controversial. I decided that Jackie Q wanted to look like an African princess. I made her dark tan with bronze eyeshadow, cheek color and lips and insanely large feather lashes. Melissa Yonkey, the Department Head Hairdresser, made a wonderful wig complete with beads and braids. 
On that note, in all of the looks I'm talking about today Melissa did the hair. I've been so lucky in my career to work with some amazing hair stylists. There is nothing better than a good collaboration between makeup and hair.
The music video "Aftican Child"
This next look is from the music video "I am Jesus". I gave her a soft innocent looking makeup to contrast the sexual and purposely blasphemous content of the video. We were all laughing to the point of our stomachs hurting while shooting that day. It's really funny because it's so wrong. 
The music video "I am Jesus"

When I saw the set design, characters and costumes for "Supertight" I kept thinking it looked like Vaudville meets the Titanic. I decided to put Rose in an exaggerated 1920's makeup. When I finished it just didn't seem weird or interesting enough. I dug through my "Glitter Kit" (a big box of all sorts of fun stuff I've gathered over the years) and found these Indian bindi body gems and cut them up to make bottom lashes. Melissa rocked another amazing wig and we had our character!

The music video "Supertight"
The video "Ring Round my Rosie" is so naughty which makes it rediculously funny. Leesa Evans, the costume designer, put Rose and the girls into these sexy little corseted outfits. When we saw the photos of what they were going to wear Melissa had a fantastic idea to put them all in different colored Elizabethan wigs that she and her team styled. Genius! 
I jumped on board and gave Rose makeup from the Elizabethan period but with a modern twist including a Swarovski crystal beauty mark. I asked my makeup team to put blue, purple and green blush and eyeshadow on the dancers to match their wigs. I wanted them to look like strange colorful flowers surrounding Jackie Q. 
The music video "Ring Round my Rosie"

Rose is a true professional and a wonderful person. She gave us free reign to be creative and respected us artistically. I really believe that her trust allowed our creativity to flow and some great things came out of it. 
You can see the videos on You Tube and Funny or Die. Just so you know, they have adult concepts and language in them.


  1. it's so nice to see you are the genius behind these looks on big movies

  2. Thanks Jessica. Really nice thing to say. :)

  3. I totally agree with Jessica.

    It's so interesting to read about your creative process as well. I remember when I saw this movie thinking how much detail was put into such short portions of the movie and being amazed at the craftsmanship and creativity.

    You put the artist in makeup artist!

  4. Takes one to know one Meredith! I just saw your Queen of Hearts tutorial. Very impressive!

  5. love the inside info... the elizabethan looks rather baroque...

  6. Who did the wig for the supertight video? :)

    1. Melissa Yonkey was the Dept Head Hairdresser on the film and designed and created the wigs for all the videos including the Supertight one. Isn't she wonderful?!