Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hickey's suck. How to hide that love bite.

Ok, so you had a bit too much fun and got yourself a hickey or two. You have to go to school or work. Now what?! I've actually had to cover quite a few hickeys on actors over the years and I have a few good tips for you. 
Example of a hickey
Hickies can last up to 2 weeks. They follow the same cycle as a regular bruise. They start out red but can quickly (as soon as 5 hours, but can be longer depending on the individual) turn a purple/blue color. Eventually (a few days to a week) they will turn a mixture of yellow and yellow/green and then disappear completely. 
So what does that all mean to you. You need to have a few different products to cover the hickey as it changes color. 
Certain colors will nuetralize other colors. 
So, when your hickey is red cover it with green. When it's blue/purple cover it with yellow or yellow/orange. As it turns yellow and yellow/green cover it with lavender.
Here are a few product options to try. You can buy a kit or individual colors. It's up to you.
Neutrilizer colors by Makeup Forever, Ben Nye, Physicians Formula and Joe Blasco

After applying the corrective concealer, apply a foundation color that matches your neck on top of it. Note that your neck color is usually lighter than your face.
You don't want to have a circle of makeup that will give you away so make sure to blend your edges by feathering out the makeup. Finally, apply a no color powder to set the makeup.
You can also use the same nuetralizer products and colors to cover things like bruises, pimples and under eye discoloration. Just follow the same rules for color correction I told you about above.


  1. Fabulous! I knew all these already but it's great to see a make up artist I admire has the same techniques I have been taught!x

  2. The things we deal with! Great post!

  3. I kept the products pretty basic so anyone reading my blog can cover their "indescretions" but I use alcohol based makeup and air brush too for even longer staying power.

  4. This is how I give and hide my hickeys ;) http://howtofixstuff.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-give-and-get-rid-of-hickeys.html