Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Answer: Plain to Pizzazz. Makeup that pops!

This is part of the Q and A I started last week. I'll be answering your questions in upcoming posts mixed in with stuff I just feel like talking about.
Mathew Brown asked:
What is a way to do a relatively quick basic makeup with a flash of color or a bit of a kick somewhere to make it less boring?
I think unexpected color and contrast is a great way to make things pop and look more interesting.
Here are a few looks that show you what I'm talking about.
I'm gonna name the looks because...well..it's fun.

"Shock it to me"
It's a no makeup look with light coverage tinted moisturizer, black mascara, nude tone eyeshadow and very light blush. Now add a Fuscia, Orange or Strawberry red lipstick. It's a confident, take no prisoners look.
Annie Ilonzeh -" Makeup and Hair play day" Charlie's Angels pilot

"I Love Lavender"
Instead of the traditional brown and creme eyeshadow combo try putting the color lavender all over the lid. In this shot I added a deeper lavender just above the lash line. I find it brightens the eye, works with almost any skin tone and adds a pop of color to your lid.
Minka Kelly "Makeup and Hair play day" Charlie's Angels pilot 

\"Cheeky Chic"
Apply matte eyeshadow, matte foundation and matte lips. Now, add highlight with shimmer to the cheeks. The contrast of the shimmery cheek on an otherwise matte face looks unexpected and fun. Here are a few of my favorites.

Nars Illuminator (peachy tone), Benefit High Beam (pale pink tone), Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer (Bronze tone)


  1. Really enjoying these Q & A posts, you manage to keep things so simple but such great advice.

  2. When buying makeup I received a free lavender eye powder compact. Now I know what to do with it. Thanks.

  3. These Q and A posts are really helpful.
    Also, I love the makeup in the new charlie's angels! How can I recreate the makeup looks for school?

  4. Anonymous, I actually only did the makeup on the new Charlie's Angels show for the pilot episode. My friend Bret Boreman is doing the series. I'm here in LA working on a film.