Sunday, July 31, 2011

You got a makeup question? I got an answer!

A few days ago Marla, who reads my blog, asked me to do a post about covering pimples and I really enjoyed writing a post that answered a specific question. Then today Tori, my niece, asked me how to do smokey eyes for a day and a night look.
So, it occurred to me that it would be great to do a type of a Q and A with you guys. I'm inviting you to ask me specific makeup related questions or questions about working in the film and television industry as a makeup artist.
I should clarify that as a professional artist I don't talk about actor's personal lives. I know, bummer, but it's not cool and I don't do it.
I'm really hoping I get some questions or suggestions for future posts. It sounds fun to me and a great way for us to get to know each other! You can put your comment/suggestion in the comment box here or you can Tweet it at @KimGreene3333


  1. aaaah this is great, i have so many questions lol :)

    I don't want to bombard you with questions so here are my top 3 lol

    1.) how did you break into the industry ?
    2.) how do you cover acne/acne scarring and make skin look smooth and flawless
    3.) is there anything you recommend for on the spot toning down redness ? :)

    thanks so much lol


  2. Awesome! Ok so yesterday I was at a photo shoot outside and the Florida sun was horrendous and the models were sweating like crazy. What do you bring with you to wipe them off and retouch? A towel and powder? Or paper towels? Do you end up redoing most of someone's makeup when they are out in the sun? I want to be handle to handle this situation like a pro!

  3. What is a way to do realtively quick basic makeup with a flash of color or bit of a kick somewhere to make it less boring?

  4. I have a question! What is a simple way to hide under eye wrinkles? I don't wear foundation, but I recently bought a concealer, and that's what I have been using. I don't think I am doing a very good job at covering them :/

  5. You guys have given me some great questions! I'll start writing posts to answer them. I am working on a film and have limited time so please be patient. I got a tweet today from someone who needed detailed info for tomorrow and it wasn't possible to answer her today. It might be best to limit questions to things that are not pressing. I don't want to disappoint anyone. Thanks!

  6. I have sparse eyebrows. The brow pens do a good job but I wonder if the skin illustrator colors, applied with a fine brush, would yield a longer lasting result. I'm a painter so technique is not a problem. Thanks

  7. Jessica, I think you are on the right track. For people who sweat a lot I use a face towel (in a skin like tone so if any fibers transfer onto the skin it will be less of a problem.) For light or medium sweaters I use shop towels, paper towels or tissues. Always blot instead of wipe. You have to re touch or re do the makeup as often as needed.

  8. I'm a little belated on this post but I have a few (non-pressing) questions I've been dying to ask you. In order of my curiosity...

    1. Tips for doing eye makeup on monolid eyes, especially the best way to do a liner and cut-crease.

    2. How to do 'natural' looking makeup that still shows up really well on film/in pictures.

    3. Tips for doing natural makeup on men.

    Sorry, if these questions are a little unclear. The post you did on covering acne was incredibly insightful and helpful so I look forward to your next Q&A post. Thanks so much!

    Meredith Jessica

  9. It's so great of you to give us this opportunity! I'm really late for this post but hopefully you might still be able to answer my question.
    I have such trouble with face makeup; super oily skin and unable to do more than touch ups throughout the day. So it either ends up looking mask-like, the color oxidizes (tried different kinds, but super pale skin tones are a menace), or there's not enough coverage.
    So my question (sorry for the never ending back story) is what's a no-makeup face makeup routine for people with oily skin, that need full coverage, and are in a humid/desert climate? (if that's even possible)
    And also tips for touch ups/preventing it from fading away throughout the day? I don't think anyone has ever explained how to touch up face makeup without starting over...

  10. Anonymous, Wow! That's a doozy of a question and I will endeavor to help you.
    You may need to invest a bit of money in an airbrush compressor kit and spend some time educating yourself but I think it is your best bet for all the issues and challenges you discussed. Dinair has an airbrush makeup called Paramedical Color. It's water and alcohol-based. Perfect for areas where fully-opaque coverage is needed. Extremely water proof and rub-free. Lasts over 24 hours. No setting powder needed. Contains no oil, silicone, nor paraben. It comes in a range of very light to dark tones. Dinair even has training videos on their web site. Let me know how it goes.

  11. Little Petite, concealers are really more for concealing things like dark circles under your eyes and not so much for hiding wrinkles. There's a product line called Zia that has a product called Essential eye gel. It tightens the skin around the eyes and will temporarily reduce the look of wrinkles. If your picture is recent, I don't think you have much to worry about yet though!! :)

  12. Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to try Dinair, it sounds perfect! :)

  13. Hi. Two questions: how to make fake freckles and fake tattoo in a way that they look real on camera. Is there any technique you advise? Thank you so much.

  14. Hi, love your site!
    I'm a makeup artist for local video production studios. Everyone films in HD now and I'm wondering if you can recommend a really great foundation line. I do use MUFE powder now, but I'm using small pallettes from Kryolan HD. Sometime they look a little chalky.
    On another note, I live in northern IN near Chicago, and I never know exactly how much to charge. I'm not in a union and I'm a licensed cosmetologist. I've gotten paid as much as 1000.00 in a day (wheee) but, usually I make around 300.00 in a day. This would be for HD makeup, touching up hair and sticking around the set all day for touch ups. Would you happen to know if those rates are reasonable or should I charge more?
    Thanks for sharing your info!

  15. Anonymous (Nov 14th). I have shot on HD a number of times on films I've worked on. I've used regular creme makeup and airbrush. I've used light application and heavy. Department store and pro brands. I've found that no matter what you use it is most important to do a clean, ultra blended makeup. Your corrective makeup has to be spot on. It's also helpful to have a good DP! There is a company I've used that has both creme and airbrush makeup for HD. Graftobian. They have a huge line of colors for all skin types. Give them a try and see what you think.

  16. Also, sorry but I don't know the answer to rates in your area. Are there any makeup and hair organizations you can join? Perhaps you can join Linkedin.
    I have found so many groups for makeup and hair artists there. You can post a question to a group and they will post back to you. Maybe you can find local artists there. You can also try the Hair and Makeup Artist Network. for other artists in your area and lots of good info.

  17. Kim,
    Thanks so much for the info! I was on the fence about Graftobian, but with your recommendation, I'm going for it.

    I feel silly, but what is a DP? :0) (Director of Photography)?

    I'm having trouble getting on Linkedin for some reason, but I'll keep trying.

    Going to the Hair and Makeup Artist Network right now!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  18. Anonymous, Since we have spoken so many times now...what is your name?! lol Yes, the DP is Director of Photograpy. Happy holidays to you too!