Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Tip: When does makeup go bad?

Not all makeup has expiration dates. In fact, most don't.
But the truth is that makeup does go bad. You need to protect yourself or your makeup clients from irritations or infections.
So how can you tell if your makeup has gone bad?
Lipstick will tend to get sticky and the smell will change.
Foundations can separate in the bottle.
Mascara will change odor & dry out.
Nail polish will thicken.
But there are plenty of products that look and smell fine but are in fact past their prime. See below for a time guideline that tells you when you should toss your products.

Fresh Tips:

  • Any products with water tend to go bad faster.  Like liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner tubes, cream blush, cream shadow, lipstick and mascara. Bacteria really like water!
  • Mascara can also go bad before it's time if you pump the wand — that pushes air into the tube, causing it to dry out faster. Instead, slowly draw out and twist the brush to scrape the tube’s interior and pick up product.
  • Powder items like eye shadows, blushes, setting powders are less prone to contamination but do have a lifespan.
  • Pencil eyeliners and lip liners stay fresh longer if you sharpen them on a regular basis.
  • Use a sponge or a brush instead of your fingers to keep bacteria and oils from contaminating your makeup. If you do use your fingers, wash and dry them before doing so.
  • Wash your brushes a minimum of once a week with a brush cleaner or a gentle shampoo.
  • Replace your makeup sponge once a week or buy a sponge that can be washed & wash it a minimum of once a week.  (Obviously if you are a professional makeup artist you will clean your tools between every client.)

Here's a guideline for you to follow:*

•    Blush – 2 years
•    Blush (cream) – 18 months
•    Concealer – 18 months
•    Eye shadow (cream) – 18 months
•    Eye shadow (powder) – 2 years
•    Eyeliner – 18 months
•    Eyeliner (liquid) – 6 months
•    Foundation (cream) – 18 months
•    Foundation (oil-free) – 1 year
•    Lip gloss – 2 years
•    Lip liner – 2 years
•    Lipstick – 2 years
•    Mascara – 3 months
•    Nail polish – 1 year
•    Powder – 2 years

*beauty school directory


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  3. Thank you thus is really useful. Recently when I apply my Mac Foundation it goes blotchy or flakey, I've has it for quite a while so Im now assuming its gone bad , and it's not my skin.

    1. If it only happens when you apply the foundation then it's a good bet that that's the issue.