Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Tip - How to make your lips look fuller

One of the biggest requests I get as a makeup artist is "Can you make my lips look bigger?"
I have a couple tricks for you to make your lips appear fuller.
Take your foundation color and apply it with a sponge on top of your lips & then powder using a puff. Next use a lip liner in a natural tone following the line of your lip but just slightly above the natural lip line. Apply a lipstick color with a lip brush all over your lips and on top of the lip liner. Then apply a lip gloss that's a lighter color than your lipstick in the center of your upper and lower lips. The end result will be a fuller looking pout!


  1. Just shared this on my fb and twitter. Love the photo of you and Minka, my husband loves her haha

  2. Great posts :)

    Do you have any tips on how to cover up blemishes that have been itched or popped (sorry kinda gross) ....
    I recently did my friends makeup and she had a few like that, I was scared to cover them up fearing I might cause infection or something :s

    A post on concealer troubles would help lol


  3. Marla, that's a great question and I'll be happy to write a post about it. :)