Thursday, June 23, 2011

Makeup Macgyver. "Challenge One". What would you do?

Ok, Ask yourself "What would I do?"
The script calls for the bad guy to be dunked into a barrel of acid. The director asks that since the man is only in there briefly that his skin needs to be intact but bubbly when he surfaces. What would you do/use to create the bubbly sizzling effect on the actors skin?

This scenerio actually played out on a film we shot in Florida called Palmetto. I had the weekend to come up with a solution for the scene on monday. I went to a Target and grabbed everything I thought might fizz. I found various types of bubble bath but none did the trick. It would have looked great if my intention was for him to look clean.

Next I got it in my head that the fizz powder in Zotz candy would work. You know, the candy that supposedly killed Mikey from the Life commercials. I called a candy manufacturer in a nearby town (yes really) and the owner was nice enough to open the doors for me on a saturday. I quickly learned apon cracking open a Zotz that there is actually very little fizz powder in the candy. It would have taken a truck load to get the desired effect. As a side note I also tried Pop Rocks to no avail.
Zotz and Pop Rocks

I went to sleep on saturday night wondering what it would feel like to be fired when I told the director he wasn't going to get his sizzling skin. I woke up on Sunday morning with a song in my head.
"Plop plop fizz fizz. Oh what a relief it is!"
"Alka Seltzer!!!! Yes!!!" I thought. So i got a bunch of Alka Seltzer & ground it up in a mixer, spread a bunch of it over my arm as a test and poured water on it. There were bubbles. There was sizzle. It worked. I had a viable solution that I could show the director. I had Makeup MacGyvered it!
Ground up Alka Seltzer to create acid burn sizzle effect

Stand by for more Makeup MacGyver challenges....


  1. As I was reading this, I immediately thought alkaseltzer, then when I got to the bottom, you figured it out! lol