Saturday, June 25, 2011

Makeup brushes you will love.

I just got back from the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in L.A.. It's packed with all sorts of wonderful makeup products, retailers and educators. I always pick up a few things at my favorite retailers like Naimies, Frends, Nigels and Alcone. You can get a good trade show price and save some money, see people and have fun. There are also a lot of companies selling brushes. But I pass right by them on my way to one very special brush maker. It's Hakuhodo. An amazing company with some of the greatest brushes I've ever used.

The Hakuhodo Company is located in Kumano Japan. A town renowned for having manufactured Japanese calligraphy brushes for about 200 years. Hakuhodo is one of 100 brush companies in Kumano that produce 80% of all the brushes made in Japan.
Each brush is hand made. The hairs are bundled in such a way as to create the desired shape so the tips of the hairs aren't cut. The natural tapering of each hair is maintained. Each type of brush is made with specific animal hairs to get the perfect desired effect from eye shadow application to shading. By the way, the company claims that they do not harm the animals to make the brushes.
They have different brush series from their highest end to their basic more reasonable priced brushes. You can go to their web site for details on the different types, prices and uses.
Today the brush addict (me) picked up 4 new Hakuhodo Brushes. I'm really excited and I want to tell you about them!
The 200 Series Powder Brush pointed. Pointed for precise application around the eyes and nose but really soft and loose for overall powdering.

The G Series Blush Brush L angled. Dense and soft at the same time. I'll be using it to shade and contour as well as for applying blush. Can't wait to try it.
The Kakuhodo Basic Series Highlight Brush round. I actually have a couple of these already and I love them. I do use it to highlight but I love it for all over base color on the eye lid and also for a medium density eye contour brush. I've even used it to powder around the nose and under the eyes. I really dig this brush, can you tell?
Last but not least I got the Kokutan Series Eye Shadow Brush T. It's pretty cool. It's round and pointed, soft and dense. Perfect for contouring the eye and for a smokey look. 

If you don't have any of Hakuhodo's brushes, treat yourself. They really are fantastic!

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