Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shopping products for The Three Stooges. Part 1: Basics

I start principle photography on The Three Stooges on monday so I'm getting ready to do my favorite thing. Shop for makeup supplies! The first order of business is disposable items for the show. The basics that we use every day. And we need a lot of them. On this film we have 66 Leads & Day Players. And 1000's of Extras over the course of the film.
Let's start with Sponges.
I have two absolute favorites. Alcone's non-latex sponges. They don't crumble, turn yellow or fall apart. They have great density to them & the makeup goes on smoothly.  You can wash them too. 
The Beauty Blender has really taken off & there's good reason. I primarily use them on the main actors. 
Mainly because they are a bit pricier ($18-$20 a piece). It took me a while to try one because of the price point but I finally did and they're worth every penny. You can use them for a really long time because you can wash them. 
They are designed to contour with your face. Use the pointed side for around your nose and under your eyes & the larger side for the rest of your face. I use the blender dry for a heavier coverage and damp for a lighter one. 
There's something about the texture and density that is fantastic. It really works the makeup into your skin beautifully. The trick is to stipple or bounce it against your skin instead of pulling it across. 
Treat yourself to this great sponge. You'll love it. 
Pick up the cleanser too. It's soy based, moisturizing and gets your Beauty Blender really clean.

In addition I'll need to buy other basics such as Tissues, Q-tips, Eye drops, Cleansing wipes, Spray water, Nail polish remover, Brush cleaner and cosmetic bags. I highly recommend The Kim Greene Line bags. ;) The list is actually much larger but this gives you the picture!

Naimie's Brush Cleaner, Comodyne's, Visine, Evian water, Ulta Basically U cotton rounds,
The Kim Greene Line Premier bag, Kleenex tissue, Q-tips

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