Monday, April 11, 2011

Your eye bags fly free.

I get asked a lot about how to get rid of eye bags. You can't get rid of them completely but I can tell you how to help diminish them. Let's start with some home remedies.
Black tea contains tannins which help reduce inflammation when applied on the skin. Soak 2 black tea bags in cold water, squeeze out excess water. Place under both eyes for 10 minutes & rinse with cold water.
Cold helps reduce inflammation right?! It works on eye bags too. Cucumber slices, peas. What ever you fancy. Apply for a couple minutes, remove & let warm up, then apply for a few more. 5 minutes total is all you need.
As far as products go I am a huge fan of Zia Essential Eye Gel. It firms puffiness and fine lines. Totally made with all natural ingredients. It can be used before or over makeup on your eyelids and under your eyes. I pat it on with my fingers and let dry.
You can also "hide" puffiness with makeup. Remember that in art if you want to bring something forward you lighten it and if you want to recede something you darken it. Same goes for your face. You want to use a color one tone darker than your foundation on your puffy eye bags. It will help to create the illusion that they are diminished. You can use a darker foundation color, a creme or powder shading color or even an eyeshadow color in a light brown or taupe. Keep it subtle though. Makeup Forever Sculpting palette is a great contour/highlight palette that you should have in your arsenal.
Getting more sleep, cutting back on salt, alcohol & tobacco helps too but if that's not possible at least you have some tips to make it look like you did! :)


  1. BTW, since a lot of my friends are makeup artists, feel free to chime in with your tips for puffy eyes!

  2. What if my eyebags can't fit in the overhead compartment?

  3. Nice job KIm!
    What about the 'unmentionable' Prep H?
    I also like the Yonka anti-eye puff gel (not it's real name). It contains rosemary extract, it is very refreshingAND it works!
    Re:Logan, I have the name of a GREAT Dr.!!!

  4. Ann, thanks for the tip! The YonKa product is called YonKa eye gel and they have a men's version too called YonKa for Men Under Eye Circle - De-Puff. (Just so you know, Ann is a Dept Head makeup artist who has a big film coming out "Real Steel" real soon.)

  5. Great blog Girlie!
    I'm officially following now. You've always had great natural product knowledge. If I only had the option of checking my bags...

    Keep up the good work, Marsha xo