Monday, April 4, 2011

How to create a "strong & sexy" eyeliner

When I'm working on a film or tv show, I normally ask the actor to tell me about their character before I start their makeup. It helps me to come up with a design that makes sense & supports them in creating their character. It's a fun process and exchange of ideas. Without giving away too much, Minka Kelly's character in Charlie's Angels is a tough woman with a dark past, so we decided to create a strong eye with a darker, Sophia Loren inspired eyeliner. 
Sophia 1960's
Minka Kelly in Charlie's Angels

Here are a few techniques & products for creating a strong and sexy eye liner. 
I like liquid liners like Smashbox Limitless Liquid liner Pen.
It's quite easy because it does work just like a pen. You just sweep it on in the shape that you want. 

I also like cake liners like Joe Blasco's cake eyeliner. You wet a brush (I prefer a thin angle brush but you can use any eyeliner brush) and roll it back and forth through the cake liner. For a thin line apply a light pressure with the tip of the brush. For a thicker line apply more pressure. 

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