Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 great hand creams

Honestly, this is how my hands felt on the plane today coming to Atlanta to start The Three Stooges. I was really happy I had my trusty hand cream with me. I like quite a few brands but I'll tell you about a few of my favorites. 

Bliss High intensity Hand cream is an ultra rich balm made with macadamia oil and grapeseed extract. It feels really smooth and creamy. Moisturizing without being heavy and greasy.
Aveeno products are really fantastic & their Intense Relief Hand Cream is no exception. It's non-greasy, fragrance free made with colloidal oatmeal & emollients. It actually stays on a really long time, even when you wash your hands. It's pretty great stuff.
Bliss Intensity hand cream & Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream

The next product is kind of in a class of it's own. Egyptian Magic is way more than a hand cream but certainly works wonders on dry skin.
It's become a favorite on tv & film sets and I was actually introduced to it by Christian Bale who had been told about it by his makeup artist from another film he had just finished.
Egyptian Magic contains olive oil, bees wax, honey,
bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis.

The list of 29 hair & skin solutions on the Egyptian Magic label ranges from chapped lips to easing insect bite stings to hot oil treatment for your hair. And of course, it makes a mean hand cream.

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