Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to not look Hot

I’m in Miami shooting the new Charlie’s Angels pilot, so of course I’m thinking about how to keep the Angels looking dry & beautiful in all this heat & humidity.
These tips will help keep your makeup in place when you are warm from the weather, being active or during “the change”. 
Start by using a natural astringent like WitchHazel to remove excess oils from your skin. It really feels refreshing too. 
Apply Rice Powder. It absorbs oil & sets your makeup so it will stay put. Young Blood Cosmetics has a wonderful Mineral Rice Setting Powder that uses rice starch, corn starch & minerals & is 100 % talc free. It comes in three colors. 
Young Blood Mineral Rice Setting Powder
There’s also an old favorite of mine, Palladio Rice Powder. You see this in a lot of professional makeup bags on set. You can re-apply all day without it getting cakey. Really pretty packaging too. 
Palladio Rice Powder
There’s another product I love called “Cool Flash” by Skindinavia. You spray it on your whole face after applying your makeup for “heat resistant” hold. It’s oil free natural & organic. 
Have a great day & stay dry!
Skindinavia Cool Flash


  1. I was walking on the beach when I saw all the trailers for Charlie's Angels!

  2. Have you tried Urban Decay's De-Slick spray? Between Skindinavia's and Urban Decay's makeup spray, which do you think is more effective?

  3. No, I haven't tried Urban Decay's spray yet. Have you compared the two? I would love to know what you think. Thanks!!