Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to design a makeup ON a photograph.

I was working on "Just My Luck" with Lindsay Lohan and the script called for LL to have a mask on for the scene where she meets the leading man. The director wanted something that looked like she was hiding her face but not so much that we couldn't tell it was LL. I started designing the makeup before I got to New Orleans and LL wasn't available to test with. So I came up with a fun technique. I had a photo of her and actually applied the makeup directly on the photograph. Complete with Swarovski crystals & glitter. Then I took a photograph of the photograph. I tried a few different options to show the director & LL. It worked out really well.
Makeup design options. Makeup applied to photo, then photographed.

Final makeup used in the film. There was also a feather headdress from costumes that completed the look.

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